You just moved into the big city and is just adjusting to the environment. Of course, you spent the first few days just cuddled in your newly bought house that you scouted from a real estate agent. When you went to the kitchen to make yourself a sandwich, you almost died. Why?

You slipped and fell and almost hit your head on the floor, if not for your ninja skills, then your head would have hit the floor hard.

Your floor is wet from the leak in your kitchen sink. Something you did not wish to encounter after being very confident that the house you bought was in great shape.

New Home With Water Damage Due To plumbing

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Too late to dwell on the mistake of not hiring a reputable real estate agency, the only thing left for you to do is have the problem fixed, and here are the ways that you must take into consideration when hiring a plumber:

  • Referral – If you have a friend or family member who have tried hiring the service of a plumber before, then they can be a perfect source of information. They can surely recommend someone who is expert and reliable in plumbing works. You might also want to check the Better Business Bureau to find out whether a formal complaint is filed against a particular plumbing business.
  • Cost – The costing can make or break your choice. Of course, you can only hire the service of a plumber you can afford to pay. To find a plumber that offers the most favorable price, you have to compare the rates of several plumbers. Plumbers have separate charging fee for emergency service call and regular service call.

A lot of homeowners make mistakes by choosing the first plumber they meet. This shouldn’t be the case. Take your time and do your research well. Ask people in the real estate industry as they can surely help you find the best plumber in town.



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