• It Does not Matter Where you Live if You Have Water Damage

    It Does not Matter Where you Live if You Have Water Damage

    Everyone that I lend money to, I try to treat the way I would expect to be treated. When you buy a house that is probably the biggest financial investment you are probably going to make during your lifetime. So I do my very best to set you up with the right people before you buy your house. I also am willing to help you with problems afterwards too. I know many people think that I am full of crap when I tell them that in the beginning. You can ask many of my past clients, though. I have helped many of them years after they bought their home.

    Just last year I had Craig call me. I did business with him about 5 years ago. Craig was 39 and finally buying his first home. He previously had been living with his parents. He was single and his mother did everything for him so I do not blame him for staying. I would love for someone to do all my laundry and cook for me these days! He told me after all his friends and family told him to grow up and move on he best do so. I felt honored that he came to us first to look for help. He said that he needed some water damage information. So I then asked him if he had any roof damage or if it was just inside the home. He told me his roof had some pretty bad damage from the previous storm that evening. I told him of a few roofing companies in Birmingham AL. He then asked me if I know of any Atlanta roofing specialist. Which was odd because I knew he did not live in Georgia. He said that his brother needed one. Even after you buy your home we are here for you!!


  • How real estate agents can prevent you from buying a home in storm-zone areas

    How to Deal With Water Damage during a Storm?

    Know the best way to escape storms? Buy a house that is far from areas that are prone to calamities and disasters.

    If you want to make sure you do not end up in areas that are frequent targets of storms and other forms of natural disasters, you should always prioritize hiring a reputable real estate agent, like those you can find at www.calhoun-homes.com.

    How real estate agents can prevent you from buying a home in storm-zone areas

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    Storm is one of the reasons why water damage occurs. A hurricane, a tornado, and storms in general are dangerous and difficult to deal with. A storm can caused power outage, falling trees, and flooded roads. When it comes to water damage, it is important to take the job seriously. Not being careful with the restoration process can lead to further damage to your property and priced possessions. Storm water, if not removed immediately can be a perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and mold. As you know, these organisms cause diseases and illnesses.

    The big question is, “what you can do with water damage during a storm?” Take into account the following tips and suggestions when dealing with water damage during a storm.

    1. Before a storm will hit your place, there will be a weather forecast. So, you will most likely know when the storm is coming and its intensity.
    2. Be cautious when it comes to rainy days so that you can keep the damage to a minimum.
    3. Right after the water damage, you have to immediately contact your insurance company to find out the policy coverage and the filing requirements. As you can see, water damage restoration can be very costly and you surely need financial help.
    4. You have to familiarize yourself with flood insurance. If you look at the definition of water damage due to storm, it is a damage caused by water that has been on the ground and usually this type of claim is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Of course, you have to check your insurance policy to find out if the damage is completely covered or not.
    5. As much as possible, you have to do everything you can to mitigate the damage. Keep everything that you think can still be salvaged.
    6. You have to document the damage to your property. As much as possible, you have to take pictures and video to properly document the damage. Document the damage to your property. Take pictures or video if possible.
    7. When dealing with repairs, it is best to entrust the work to the hands of experts. However, before you hire a contractor, you should first check with your insurance company.
    8. When looking for water damage restoration company, select the one that is highly reputable and credible.

    Dealing with a storm and all its aftermath can really be terrifying and troublesome. This is the reason why it is best to prevent it from happening to you, which can only be achieved if you try your hardest to hire a real estate agent that can point you to the direction of houses that are far from storm-prone areas.

    Those living in Anniston can check out www.calhoun-homes.com/community/area/Anniston while those in Oxford can visit www.calhoun-homes.com/community/area/Oxford. Agents in these agency are known for their clean reputations and will be able to help you get the home you deserve that is far from storm problems.


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